Miata door speaker

Noticed recently that the driver side door speaker in my Miata is on its last leg. I started to look into the options to replace it, thought about going to Circuit city or sound advice, but thought I’d ask around. A friend suggested I try the miata.net forums/classifieds, which I should have thought of right away. I went online to miata.net and didn’t find any of the Bose speakers I need, so I posted a wanted ad. Within 2 hours or so, I had several e-mail replies, and one guy offered to mail me a few of his spares (since he said he had at least 6 spares), then I could just reimburse him for the shipping. Basically he is giving me a few of his spare bose speakers so I can fix my Miata. All it will cost me is shipping. I was excited to read that e-mail and Liz was happy too because it means we don’t have to spend much money to get this fixed. The guy said he would mail them today, so I should have them by this weekend. I also have someone who can help me install the replacement which is also nice. Now if I could just get a CD player for the van!

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