Poor Abby

Last night, Abby woke up around 4am. I got a tap on my arm and it was Abby standing by my bed. I thought she wanted to sleep in my bed, but she said she had to go potty. I had her go use my bathroom, and it was so cute, she went in there and turned on the big light, it was so bright, I don’t know how she managed to even open her eyes. She got done and came back to me and snuggled for a few minutes. I asked her to go back to her bed a few minutes later. She went back and a few minutes later started fussing again. I got up to check and this time she wanted a drink, so I went and got her cup and brought her a drink of water. She took a sip and laid back down to go to sleep. A little later she started crying again, and this time Liz volunteered to go check. She wanted another drink and so Liz got it, but stayed out there a little longer. She came back in and said she was going to take Abby out to the couch since she was having a hard time sleeping. And because of this, I had to come wake her up when the alarm went off. So at 6am the alarm went off, and I let her know, then climbed back in bed desperate for a precious few more minutes of sleep before starting this week. Hopefully Abby is not getting sick with what we had, and will be back to normal today.

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