Finally a fix for a printing issue with IE7 and Outlook

My company has been plagued with problems relating to Outlook 2003 printing e-mail messages after the IE7 rollout. Specifically, some messages would print without the header information. There were a few workaround that some users came up with on the internet, which I had our users try, and sometimes it would work and sometimes not. I got another report of the issue today, so I did a quick search and found the following link on the Microsoft site:

Specifically, in KB article 931657, they describe a hotfix for this issue. I’m happy to report that after obtaining the hotfix, it does appear that the issue is corrected. The two main users who had this issue in my office, are telling me they are no longer experiencing this issue after applying the hotfix. Click more to read about my support call.

I called Microsoft originally to obtain this hotfix. I gave them my information and KB article number, and they tried to generate a case ID for me. They could not and ended up giving me an interaction ID. I received a hotfix via e-mail which I tried to apply on one of our users machines. These hotfixes are password protected, so when I tried to extract the file on the user’s PC, it would not work. For some reason the archive would not accept the password. I came back to my PC and tried and it worked, so there must have been some weird issue with his keyboard.

Then after I finally got the hotfix extracted, I went back to try to install it. Upon running the installer, I was informed my OS was not the necessary type for this hotfix. Turns out they sent me the hotfix for Server 2003, not for Windows XP pro.

So I call Microsoft again, give them interaction number, and they can’t seem to transfer me due to technical issues. So I had to call back directly to professional services, and went through all that again. I tried to patiently listen to the very polite female voice on the MS phone system explain to me how to find my product ID about a dozen times. (I may need to seek professional counceling now). After explaining what happened to the next engineer, they were able to give me a new interaction ID number and sent me another hotfix. I extracted this new archive and wen back to the user’s PC to try again.

This time, upon installing, it worked. I was able to install the hotfix, reboot, and have them try printing a message from Outlook 2003 that previously would not print the headers. I was pleased to find that it worked perfectly. I then installed it on another user’s PC and had her test. Same results, it works fine. We’ve been running IE7 and dealing with this issue for months now. It took MS a long time to finally release a hotfix. (in my opinion). A google search reveals how bad it was, many many people were experiencing similar issues. I’m just glad it is working now. Hopefully the hotfix won’t cause any other unexpected problems.

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