Making fun of Miata's

There are lots of people that if they hear you own a Miata, will instantly make fun of you . These are people who are not educated “automotive” people, but usually people who have never driven a Miata. Typical things that get made fun of is the size of the car, the size of the driver compared to the car, etc. Also people thing because its so small and has a 4 cylendar engine that its weak and a “Girly” car. All I can say in response of this balogna is that you gotta drive it before you make fun of it. Let me take around a few onramps at 70MPh in near 75 degree turns. You’ll see how the Miata handles the corners with no slippage and hugs the road like the little roadster she is. Don’t let the convertible top fool you either, a soft top is fantastic, and extremely relaxing, put it down during your drive home from work, and it makes all your worries disappear. Basically, at least ride shotgun with someone who can really drive the car as it was meant to be driven, and you’ll be asking for the keys soon enough. Appearances can be deceiving, be careful when making fun of a poor little Miata, you may find they are not as “girly” as you think!

Miatas are used in autocrossing heavily, and lots of people are using their Miatas in drifting. These are not a “girly” car, and its the BEST Selling sports car EVER according to many studies and reports.


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