I got her back!

I picked up my poor little car on Saturday after a very traumatic separation for the two of us during a top installation. I dropped her off on Thursday and didn’t pick her up until Saturday at 4. It was a long separation but we both survived. My Miata now has a brand new custom top and it looks good. I do have a few minor complaints:

1. I now have a zippered top, meaning the top won’t go down unless you unzip the rear window. Not that big a deal.
2. They didn’t cleanup, I need to vaccuum out the rear shelf because of some fabric shedding and dust.
3. This morning I noticed some rippling in the rear drivers side of the top near the frame. I am going to call and see if they can re-adjust this section to get rid of the ripples.

Otherwise, I’m very happy with the work, it looks good and now I don’t have to be embarrassed about my duct tape patch job anymore. Next on the radar, is getting some kind of fix for the worn leather seats. I got a quote for $425 from them to fix the seats, but I can get a used set cheaper or for now I might just get a good pair of seat covers. Lastly, I’d like to get a touchup paint job to fix some fading on some parts of the car.

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