SPAM honeypot

I make it no secret that I hate SPAM (email SPAM that is). I have recently decided that I will shortly begin to utilize a method of identifying SPAM known as a honeypot system. Basically, you setup an e-mail address that is not for actual use. You can then post this address on the internet wherever you like, and eventually you will get spammed. You can take these spam messages and use them to train spam filters. In my case, I plan to add an SMTP address to a mail enabled public folder on my home mail server. I will then post this bogus address on the internet everywhere I can find a place to do so. This public folder will receive a copy of every message sent to that honeypot address. My spam filter is setup to check this folder every hour for new messages and train the filter with the messages it contains and learn them as SPAM. This should help to train my SPAM filter and further reduce the already near 0% false negatives I received on my accounts. I can’t wait to see how much I can get spammed at this address. I’ll post again once its setup and working.

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