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I am again using OpManager from Advent Networks for my home network/server monitoring. I only have 3 servers, 2 PCs and some network gear to montior, along with a few websites (URLs) I need to keep an eye on, so this product is perfect for me. Since I’m a windows shop (not that I have anything against other platforms, I’d actually love to throw some Linux in there), this product works perfectly. I can monitor 10 devices for free, I can setup URL monitoring so I can keep tabs on my website uptime and keep detailed history. I can get notified of failures of any system on my network and even website downtime. I have a scheduled downtime window between 10pm and 7am where my desktop PCs are not monitored in case I shut them down for the night. This is an awesome product, with tons of features and amazing functioanlity. Fully supports, WMI, SNMP, custom montior and just some amazing features. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to keep tabs on their systems, even for over complicated home users like myself.


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