Daddy night

Last night, I picked up the kids for Liz and took them home so she could go out with one of her friends after a meeting. On my way to pick them up, I went to Duncan Doughnuts and got a dozen as a treat. Of course they were all out of the kind I like, so I got several other kinds. We finally got back to the house after 15 minutes of me trying to track down my kids. Michael had a half a doughnut and then I put him to bed. Abby went to bed at 7:30 and Sarah and I stayed up a little longer and I let her watch a few minutes of Smallville with me. Which ended earlier than I hoped because of a slightly more racy start to this last episode than normal. After the kids were all in bed, I downloaded two episodes of “The Office”. I hadn’t seen it before and its in its more than 3rd season now, but thought I’d check it out. It was funny, not halarious, but an interesting spoof of real office life.


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