Better custom SPAM keyword filter language revealed!

Today, a revelation has occurred to me regarding custom keyword filters! I use a product called NoSpamToday and was trying to find better ways to write custom SpamAssassin keyword filters (or rules). Normally I can filter for specific words or phrases, but spammers often change their spelling. This could increase or decrease the number of characters in a word depending on what junk filler letters they throw in the mix. I just studied up on PERL RegEx (Regular Expressions), and found that PERL uses a . as a wild card character. This was important, since I’ve tried the & and * with no success. Knowledge of this, enables a whole new level of keyword filtering I can do in NST. For example, yesterday, I received 325 messages with the word pharmacy in them, just spelled 325 different ways. It was always a PHA(three lower case letters randomlyinserted here)RMACY. I can now add a single keyword filter for PHA.*RMACY and filter all of them out with only a single keyword filter. It won’t matter how many letters they put in. And if I find they change the format of that type of slepping, I can simply adapt my rule or add new rules for other forms of spelling. Now I can go through the custom keyword filter and tweak other instances of keywords and make them infinantly more effective!

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