Monday night

Last night I watched several shows that had new episodes. First, I downloaded BSG from Sunday night and watched it, it is really bad quality but I still watch it. Then we watched Heroes which was good, we both like that show. Then we watched some behind the scenes stuff from LOTR that talked about how they did the angles to make the different races seem taller or shorter than others. Very interesting stuff!

Overnight, Abby woke up early, not sure what time it was when she came into our room. I had her come around to my side of the bed and pulled her up with me. She always sleeps so good when we snuggle! I don’t sleep well, she was laying on my arm and I probably only dozed on and off the whole night. Right about the time I start sleeping relaly well, the alarm goes off and its time for me to get up. We let Abby sleep in a little this morning in our bed, while we ate breakfast and got ready to go.

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