Light fixture change

Liz went to a parent teacher meeting at Sarah’s school last night.  She was gone until almost 10pm.  We were recently given a chandelier to replace the “ugly” one over our dining room table.  We have high ceilings in our house, perhaps in the 10′-15′ range and the light fixture I needed to change was near the highest point.  I only have a 5′ laddar so this was obviously going to be a small challenge.  I was able to stand near the top of the laddar and remove the existing light fixture, by hanging onto the cord coming from the ceiling.  Once that was removed and I had nothing to hold onto, it became far too dangerous (or uncomfortable) to continue trying to install a new fixture.  We have all tile floors, so a tumble from the laddar could have meant certain death!  I decided it would be clever to put the laddar on the dining room table and use that to get a higher stance and not have to go so far up the laddar. This was a great idea, but had the effect of causing our table to make some not so nice noises.  I looked at Liz and thought “Hey, your half my weight, why don’t you go up and see if you can finish installing the fixture”.  This actually worked out ok, it took her a little longer to finish everything, but in the end it worked out great.  Together we got the new light installed and it looks great.  Its a little higher than the previous one because it had a shorter cord, but thats good because the old one was a little low for my taste.  We didn’t start until 10pm on this project, so by the time we were done, around 10:30, we just sat down and watched the last few minutes of DVD 1 of LOTR the Two Towers. 


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