Lord of the Rings

   It may be hard for some of you to immagine, but I’ve never seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Well, I have recently succome to pressure on multiple fronts to finally sit down and watch it.  Friday night, I went to a friend’s house and watched the first movie.  We started aroun 7:20 and finished after 11.  I thought it was an interesting story and noticed lots of familiar actors and even some from Star Trek.  The effects were great, and the characters were good. Then, last night (Sunday night), I watched the second movie, and spent another 3.5 hours watching this story unfold.  I thought the second one was good too, it seemed to have more action and battle scenes and a lot more character development.  The effects were still great and since they filmed all 3 movies in order over 18 months, there was a great sense of continuity, since the characters weren’t obviously aging as the movies progress.  I have not yet watched the third movie, but plan to shortly.  Liz is even starting to watch them with me.  I better watch them all soon, or I won’t have much time.  Some other shows I like are soon to come back on with new episodes.  It won’t be long now before BSG and Heroes starts back up.

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