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Over the last few days, Liz and I have been watching a few episodes of Star Trek Voyager here and there. We both love that series and decided to watch a few episodes. Well this seems to have triggered a desire in both of us to watch the whole series all the way through. But it didn’t stop there. Now we are talking about starting with Deep Space Nine and watching it all the way through first, then do Voyager and then re-watch all of the Next Generation again. Now this is no small task, as it will likely take us a full year to watch all the episodes. We ususally can get in 1 or 2 episodes a night if we stay up a little late. I have a feeling this year will be our most busy year ever, so I have a feeling it might take us a while. For those of you who might be reading this and rolling your eyes (you know who you are), you don’t know what your missing. Star Trek is a very optomistic view of what mankind could become and accomplish in a distant future. Its full of great writing, fantastic characters and good moral lessons. The different flavors of Star Trek are quite different from each other and offer a diverse view of the Star Trek world. One thing thats almost a constant in Star Trek, is that you can’t give up on it after just watching the first or second seasons. In my opinion, each Star Trek series didn’t really become exceptional until the 3rd or 4th seasons, some earlier, some later, but you can’t just watch the first few episodes and judge it. It takes time to develop the characters and catch up on the history of Star Trek to really appreciate it. Star Trek the Next Generation is one of my favorites, that show has some awesome stories and wonderful characters. Voyager was hard for some people to take, because it had a female captain, but if you give it a chance and get into the 2rd and 4th season, you’ll see its a fantastic series. Deep Space Nine was the most like a soap opera, simply because it was always in the same place (usually), on a space station. It had a lof of drama, and some strange alien religious overtones, but the stories are great, the characters are great and its a great addition to the Star Trek world. I especially like the episodes with James Darren in them, since I like him anyway, he made a great addition to the end of the series. So give it a chance, if its on TV don’t just turn it off because you “don’t like it”, give it a chance and you’ll find its inspiring and optomistic and really a great piece of Science Fiction.


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