Balloons forever!

Abby loves balloons, so much so that I thought it would make a great Christmas present to give her a hellium balloon kit for Christmas. She is so cute, to watch her carry around a balloon all day tied to her wrist. I broke down and gave Sarah another bolloon last night since she popped her first one seconds after I gave it to her. Abby got a new one as well, since they only seem to last 2 days or so at best. I think we are going to try to get some mylar balloons which might last longer and are safer in general for little kids. I found out last night that the tank holding the helium is not refillable, its a single use tank. So I’ll have to get another one if we run out of gas! I going to search online and try to find a better way to get hellium for balloons for Abby. They just arent’t as much fun if they don’t float.


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