Windows Mobile 5 and ActiveSync issue

Out of memory
This can happen when you have set up ActiveSync to sync automatically over frequent intervals, and then you attempt to perform a manual sync. It occurs because the device thinks it is out of memory. Try these steps:
Perform a
soft reset. Then attempt to sync.
If that didn't work, check available memory: Press Start and select Settings. On the System tab, select Memory. If the amount of Free memory is very small, you may need to
delete add-on applications or purge old photos, videos or other large files to free up more space on your device.

It happns without warning and I can only tell its happening when I realize I haven't gotten any e-mail in pocket Outlook lately. When I check the ActiveSync screen I can see the view status link which shows me the above error. I have plenty of memory left, about 30MB total and I have a 1GB SD Card too. I haven't been able to figure out how to stop the errors, but a soft reset resolves it for a few days at a time.]]>


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