Sleep Deprevation

Last night I had two major interruptions in my much needed sleep. First, Sarah came into our room (but not sure exactly when) because she said she had a bad dream. I snuggled her up and fell back to sleep. A little later she must have kicked Liz, because I awoke long enough to hear Liz tell Sarah it was time to get back in her bed. Then not long after that, Michael started to cough. It started to sound fairly bad, so Liz went in and checked and he was still asleep, but was just caughing every minutes or so. So I decided I’d go out to the couch to try to sleep (Blessed are the split floor plan home-owners). I got all settled in and Michael caughed again, but his door was still cracked from when Liz went to check on him, so the cough sounded like I was right there in his room. Realizing this was not going to work, I just went in there and got him and brought him out to the couch with me. Anyone who knows Michael knows how wiggly and mobile he is. I didn’t know if he was going to stay with me or not. He laid there for a while, wide eyed and looking all over the room at any light or object he could see. He’d get a little excited and sit up look around a bit, then plop himself back down onto me and seem like he was sleeping for a minute or two, then he’d repeat that whole process. I went out to the couch around 4:30am so from then until a little after 6am, I was awake holding the ever so wirey Michael. It was nice to get some snuggle time, since he doesn’t usually do that much during the day. Although I look forward to getting a full night’s sleep again SOON! yawn….

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