Monthly Archives: November 2006

This is for Chris and Mary!

I just couldn’t resist. This is Chris and Mary at the Fall Festival last night. Love the costumes!

Chris and Mary

Fall Festival

Last night we took the kids to the Fall Festival. I couldn’t leave work until 5, so I got home and Liz and the kids were just leaving. Jason came over and went with them as well. I ran in the house and got changed and ate something, then got in my car and met them at the festival. Sarah and Abby rode the ponies again like last year and they played games and got candy. Michael had this really cute lion costume on and Liz painted his nose black with whiskers on his cheeks, he was SOOOO Cute! I’ll try to get Liz to offload the pictures from the camera and get them uploaded to the website soon. I spent most of the night holding a fussy tired Michael, and bashful Abby, but I think they all still had fun.