Two Amazing things

Yesterday when I got the mail from the mailbox, I discovered two amazing things. First, I received a check from our title company that did the closing on both the sale of our old home and the purchase of the new one. It was a check for an overage they charged us on property taxes. They made a big deal about it at closing, that we may get charged more when the taxes came due if they didn’t collect enough. Then yesterday we received a check for the overage which was surprising. This came in the mail right after we had just decided to purchase something for someone else out of funds we didn’t really have. So this check was triple what we spent on this other person which was amazing. Then I got a letter from Lowes, which was in regards to my Lowes card account. Turns out I have a $70+ dollar credit on my Lowes card account. This is also amazing, because I really need a hedge trimmer, which this overage will allow me to get, along with a few other small items we need for the house.

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