Can't use FIOS :-(

I recently came to the sad realization that I am not going to be able to use FIOS for my home ineternet connection afterall. This is very sad, as I was looking forward to using this new service from Verizon. I was very impressed with their wireless router and the upload speeds, but sadly I will be forced to cancel my account. The issue is that they expire your IP address every 104 minutes, making it a true DHCP (Dynamic IP) network. Where with Road Runner they have a DHCP network, but your IP pretty much never changes. I’ve had RR for almost 2 years, and its only changed once because I got a new cable modem, so it got a new IP address. I checked into using Dynamic DNS services, which the Verizon router supports, but I have more than one domain, so updating my IP with more than one domain would be a problem. Most dynamic DNS services assume you only have one domain to work with at home. I have 3 main domains that I use, and some supporting domains. So I am going to have to stick with Road Runner for now. I am sure there are workarounds I could do, like run the dynamic DNS service clients on my various computers at home and set each one for a different domain, but that is a huge liability in that if one of them doesn’t work right, then mail services for that domain will stop working until I realize what happened and fix it manually. Right now I don’t host any websites on my home network just e-mail, but e-mail is important and I don’t wait any problems with mail flow, I have enough trouble with that at work, I don’t need it at home too.

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