Spam for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sometimes even a midnight snack

I HATE SPAM!!! Seriously, not only do I hate spam, but I also hate the product IHateSpam. For the past few months I’ve been having major difficulties with the spam filter at work. Its just one thing after another and support in our situation is not that great. Well a week ago or so, it stopped working all together, so I got permission to install a new spam filter that is an SMTP level filter. Its blocking a great deal of the junk we normally get, but the problem now is that messages are being delayed. IHateSpam seems to be having a problem where incoming SMTP connections are causing the smtpsvc to hang. I can see messages trickle in but mail is not flowing as it should, which is a major problem. I’m still waiting for an engineer to call me back and look at something. But I have been spending every day of my week from morning until evening, and sometimes into the night working on this spam filter. During the day I have to restart the service all day long, then in the evening it runs ok, but slow, and occasionally mail backs up in the queue. I am getting so sick of SPAM filters, I hope we can get this issue resolved soon so I can get back to other projects.


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