ISP change

The time has come for me to try Verizon FIOS. The pre-installers were at my house today to bury the fiber optic cable for FIOS internet. Their base package is only slightly slower than what I get with Road Runner, but Road Runner is $10 a month more expensive and has slower upload speeds. So they will be installing the system at my house tomorrow between 8am and 11am. I get a free wireless router and it does support port forwarding and all the advanced features I need to keep my home network up and running. If I do decide to keep FIOS and ditch Road Runner, I will have some DNS zone changes to make but it should be a fairly easy switch. Eventually I’ll upgrade to their middle package wtih 15MB down and 2MB up. I’ll start off with 5MB down and 2MB up. Which is enough to get me started, but eventually I’ll need more bandwidth!


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