Monthly Archives: September 2006

New Pictures uploaded to gallery

Attention! I have uploaded new pictures to the picture gallery. Specifically under the 2006 Album, check todays date, 9-16-06 there are some great pics of me and the girls and of Michael.

House under contract

Update: 9-14-06 – We got a reply on our contract on our new house, they wanted to change a few small details, but were happy with most of the other terms and bottom line. We signed the amended contract last night and now officially have a contract on our new house. The buyer seems think his side can close fairly quickly and our mortgage guy said he can close in about 10 days, so now we just have to go through all the motions with inspections, waiting on stuff, etc. Hopefully we will have a closing date set in the next week or two.]]>

Bunch of updates

1. We have had over 4 viewings of our house since its been on the market. Someone said they want to buy it and we are hoping to have a contract soon.

2. Once we have a contract on our house we can put a contract in on the house we want to buy which we found already and have pictures of it online.

3. Our house is the cleanest its been since it was built, its amazing how much cleaning you will do in times like this, when normally you woudn’t take the time.

4. I got a new laptop at work, its fairly nice, a Sony Vaio VGN-Z240P. I still don’t have a latop case for it yet, but working out great so far.

Thats it for now, I’ll post more once we know whats going on with our house.]]>