Moving day approaching fast

Today is my last day of work this week. Tonight we have lots of last minute packing and dis-assembling to do. In the morning, Liz and I are going to go pickup the moving truck, then head over to Brandon to pickup our new couch set. Then from there, I hope to go to Lakeland to pickup my new TV and entertainment center. Fron there, on the way back we have to stop and get a refridgerator as well. Its going to be a very busy morning. Then I plan to load everything I can on own that morning/afternoon and take as full a load as I can manage to the new house and unload everything into the garage. I’ll then head back to the house and load more stuff, small furtiture and other items I can manage on my own. The goal is to only have the larger items that I need help with left when help arrives that late afternoon or early evening. We have almost everything packed, except for some stuf in the master closet, and kitchen and bathroom items. Liz is packing suitcases for us today for our extended weekend stay with friends. Hopefully, on Monday morning everything will go smoothly and we can close on the new house before 11am and head straight to the new house and start unpacking. At least thats the idea anyway! Good thing I bought a back brace!

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