New Tires

I finally made up my mind about getting tires for the Miata. I had been wanting to do this for a week or so, and all the rain lately motivated me out of concern for Liz. I didn’t want her out driving around with a bald back tire in the rain. I really wanted to get some Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 tires, but they were almost or over $100 each. So to save a little money, and since I don’t race my Miata (yet), I choose a good compromise tire, I got Kumho ECSTA SPT tires instead. They get almost as good ratings in nearly every category, but they have longer tread life and a more comfortable ride. They were surprisingly cheaper given the ratings and reviews of the tire, I got all 4 for just over $200. I used to get the tires, which will be shipped from a warehouse in Georgia early this week. They are going straight to a tirerack approved installer which isn’t far from my office at work. This will allow me to get a ride over there in the morning and let them do the work, then get dropped off later that day to pick it up. It should be very convenient. I am also going to get an allignment done while I’m there.


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