Network and email issues

Next, I realized that my internet speed was very slow at home. I have a cable modem high speed internet account with Road Runner and also got the 10MB speed plan, so I should get close to 10MB down and 1MB up. After performing a speed test I found I was only getting from 200KB-600KB, which is obviously really bad. I submitted an online support ticket, but never did hear back. So I decided to do my own testing. I started to shut off my home computers/servers one at a time to make sure it wasn’t something on my home network causing the issue. I sthudown my backup server, ran another test, nope, that wasn’t it. I shutdown my exchange server, nope that wasn’t it. I shutdown my AD controller (sisko) and sure enough my speeds returned to normal. Sisko must have had some kind of issue that was causing severe network problems and slowing down my internet access speeds. I’m not sure if it was sending out data or receiving data, but it was flooding my network. I rebooted the server, disabled unneeded services, ran windows update, and checked for spyware/adware and found no problems. I assume its a symptom of a software issue in Windows that went haywire, or possibly the initial signs of a bad NIC or one thats on its way out. At least I know where to start looking now if it ever happens again.

So now both of my issues are resolved. I did make a few changes though, I implimented a secondary DNS service with rollernet for I also got a new no-ip mail reflector account that does the same thing as rollernet, but it costs $$. I added this service to and This should prevent any further loss of mail or service interruption in the future. I now have 4 backup MX records in my DNS zones for both domains, and this should provide way more redundancy than I really need. ]]>


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