Daddy Dates

Sunday was Sarah’s “Daddy Date” day, so after I got the girls some dinner (left over belgian waffles); Sarah and I left. I took her to the same DQ where we ended up parking and going in to order. But we still got our order to go. We took my truck this time so we got our blizzards and went out to my truck to eat them. We don’t like eating cold ice cream in a freezing cold DQ restaurant. So eating in the truck was nice, because its warmer and you appreciate the ice cream more. We had a nice time, we ate our ice cream and talked. We both sat up front and had a nice time together. Once we were done eating, I asked her if there was anything else she wanted to do. She recommended we go to the park, so I drove out to the Bonnie Brae park which was only a short distance from DQ. We drove through some nice neighborhoods and looked at houses and ended up at the park. Once there she ran over to the monkey bars and I watched her climb up to the top. After that she wanted to swing with me, so we both got on the swings and talked and had a good time. After that we played on the exercise equipment they had at the park and then headed back to the monkey bars. She had my climb to the top this time. Then we got on the swings again for a few minutes and finished up with a game of tag. (we tied 2 to 2).

Each time I take the girls on “Daddy Dates” they always say “This is the best day I’ve ever had”. I love spending time with my girls. They are so sweet and so much fun.]]>


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