Exchange Stumper solved finally!!!!!

I use a SPAM filter on my server that has lots of cool options and advanced features and a bunch of extra stuff. One day when I was first setting up the spam filter, I started playing around with mail monitoring rules. Don’t ask me why, but I had setup a test rule that had the conditions configured to copy Liz on any outgoing message sent to addresses. I looked at that and could not believe it. I completely forgot about setting that up and it never even occurred to me that the spam filter could be causing it. I had checked every other option in the configuration and simply ignored the rule settings. So now I deleted that stupid rule and what do you know, no more copied messages!

Sometimes in I.T. you encounter things that don’t make any sense. I thought I had discovered some new bug in Exchange or was having issues with my smarthost or something along those lines. I was relieved to find that the problem was totally mine and had to laugh out loud. But ahhhh, another problem solved!]]>

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