Automotive vandalism

I am officially the victim of attempted grand theft auto. Last night while I was asleep someone tried to break into my truck (and succeeded this time). They took the faceplate to my radio (not that it will do them much good). They busted up my ignition and broke my ask tray in an attempt to get the dash apart quickly. I don’t think they did anything else except took my garage door opener. I unplugged the garage door opener to protect that entry point from being used in another burgulary. Now I have to change the remote control frequency on the opener itself and on the last remaining remote we have in the van. I almost wish they had stolen it, since there wasn’t anything but a carseat that didn’t belong to us in it. Although I’m sure getting anything from the insurance company would have been a bust too. So now I have to take the truck to some place to get it repaired. My insurance deductable is $500 so I’m sure it will cost about $499 to fix, ha ha. Now I’m thinking security, like installing a wireless camera outside somewhere and getting a flood light. Maybe getting a reasonable auto alarm installed. Just one more thing to deal with, sigh. I can’t wait to move to a better area, only 7 more months to go!


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