Parenting – our latest nightmare

Liz and I were in the living room the other night working on a website together. Abby was in her room (supposedly taking her nap), and Sarah was in another room. Liz and I started to hear screaming that sounded like it was coming from outside the house. Like some kids were playing around and screaming outside. We didn’t think too much of it, since where we live there is lots of noise. The screaming kept going on and on and on, and Liz finally got up to try to see where it was coming from. A few minutes later, Abby comes crawling out of her room on her hands and knees sobbing and crying and trying to tell us something. Naturally we felt bad that she was crying but once we found out what happend we felt really bad. Turns out she had been playing in her room rather than sleeping. She had gotten herself stuck in her toybox which is nestled in her closet. The lid had closed on her and she had trouble getting out. She had been in there for quite a while screaming for Daddy and for someone to help her get out. When she came, she had red blots around her eyes where it looked like blood vessels had burst under her skin. Obviously she was terrified and was screaming for help for a while. The screaming we had heard was Abby, calling for help. But due to the location of her toybox and the loud area in which we live, we didn’t even consider it could have been one of our kids in trouble. We snuggled her for a long time trying to calm her down. It didn’t take her too long to get over it and get back to her old self. She started laughing about her “hinney” sticking out of the toybox while she was trying to escape. She and Sarah thought this was very funny once she calmed down. Once she came out of her room, Abby would try to tell Sarah what happened and start crying again, so it obviously upset her. Poor thing, we felt so bad about this. I especially felt bad when she said she was calling for Daddy. My child was in “trouble” whether or not we think its that severe, and was counting on me to help her out. I never showed up and hate the tought of disappointing her. From now on, there will be no more playing in the toy box!]]>

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