Celebrity on board

P.S. as I boarded my flight there were two ladies in the aisle seats next to my window seat. As I approached and asked if I could slip in there, they said it would be easier to just scoot over, so I lost my window seat to two very loud women who never stopped talking for one second the whole flight. I got bumped with elbows and flying hands as they elaborately spoke to each other with such great animation. Fortunately I had my MP3 player and made good use of it. Its an almost 3 hour flight back. I had a nice flight back even considering I didn’t get my window seat. I got home at about 9:15, but took a while to get to the economy parking garage so I could get out of there. I was on my way home when I hit a lot of traffic due to a single lane on 275N due to construction. I got home at around 10:30. It was great to get home. I miss my family when I’m away.

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