Sick – maybe getting better now…

Finally today, I started to feel like I might be getting better. But it comes and goes, one minute I’ll feel OK, then the next I’ve got gobs of gook draining down my throat. Hacking and coughing and sucking on cough drops all day. I’ve spent more on Robitussin over the last three weeks than on groceries! To make things worse, I am not good at getting stuff up to spit it out. So when I do get something back there it makes me gag and I end up swallowing everything! YUCK!!!

I’m supposed to go bowling tomorrow, and it really sucks to be sick, especially for this long. I hope to get a real doctors appointment soon, but who knows. I just can’t wait to get my voice back, get rid of this night time fever and stop having to take so much liver killing acetaminophen.

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