Chineese anyone?

I went to the mall across the street from my office yesterday for lunch. I walked through the food court to the place I planned to eat lunch. As I rounded the corner, there as usually, was the friendly smiling chineese guy standing in front of his express food store. He was handing out samples of their food as he normally does every day. I passed him by not thinking much of it, got my food from the restaurant of my choice. As I sat at a table facing his store, I watched this guy. I eventually became very impressed and inspired by his character. Think about this for a second, he stands out there day in and day out, with a smile on his face and a friendly word for passers by. I sometimes notice how lean their line is at lunch time, I guess chineese isn’t that popular at this mall for lunch time. I personally don’t care for Chineese food anyway. But I watched this guy, always smiling, always nice and friendly. Most people walked by ignoring him, even if he spoke to them as they walk by. Even though their line at lunch time is leaner than most other restaurants, and even though most people ignore him and don’t even acknowledge he is there, he still smiles, he still talks to you as you walk by, he still does his part to try to promote his restaurant. Wow, that character, sure the guy is getting paid to do this, and sure he could even be the owner, who knows. But I know personally that I would suck at this job, I’d get discouraged that my restaurant was not the most popular, I’d be insulted when people ignored me and didn’t even acknowledge my existence. I see this guy in there every day doing his best and never getting discouraged, at least not showing it. It takes a special character to be able to do what he does, the way he does it. So next time your walking past a nice chineese guy offering you samples with a smile, don’t ignore him, politely say “no thank you”, and at least acknowledge that he is there. I’m sure it will brighten his day and help keep him working at it.

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