Exchange 2003 and Exchange 5.5 Migration and Co-Existence

Q1. Can you install Exchange 2003 into an Exchange 5.5 Site?
A1. Yes you can, this is actually the preferred method of migration since you can use the “move mailbox” in Exchange Administration to move mailboxes between Exchange servers in the same Exchange Organization. You will need the ADC to make this happen.

Q2. Can distribution lists in Exchange 5.5 be migrated to Exchange 2003?
A2. Yes they can, using the ADC the groups can be imported as distribution groups in 2003/AD

Q3. What gets complicated by installing 2003 in a separate Exchange organization, rather than installing Exchange 2003 into the Exchange 5.5 organization?
A3. If Exchange servers are within the same organization then mailboxes can be
moved easily through ‘Exchange Tasks’ in AD USers and Computers. They also
maintain the same alias’ (very important when users start replying to old
emails, they will be bounced if the mailbox and alias changes) and users
outlook profiles will also be automatically redirected to the new server as
it is within the same organization. In separate organizations, none of the above is true. As far as I know
exmerge is required to migrate mailboxes, you’ll have to create completely
new mailboxes on the new server and reconfigure users outlook profiles at the
desktop. Mailbox alias’ will also likely be an issue.


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