Bathroom stories #2

Ready for story #2. OK, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now I find myself at work again (I sure do spend a lot of time at work)….I end up needing to use the restroom. So as usual I wonder to myself what comical things will happen to me this time as I enter the restroom. Upon entering the bathroom I find myself alone, now I’m happy, I love having the bathroom all to myself. I get cosy in the “king” suite (see original blog). Not a minute after I “settle in”, in walks someone. Oh man, I say to myself. Naturally being a guy (since this is the Men’s room), and him being a man, naturally heads for the “king suite”, which I so gleefully pre-occupied. He walks right up, wiggles the handle on “my” door. Then frustrated that he was beaten to the “kingly throne”, he heads for one of the lesser seats. Now begins the funny part. The guy starts wiggling the toilet paper, and krunkling the “safety seat covers” (provided by the management), and finally gets his seat prepaired. He then rather noisily sits down. Shortly thereafter come the fireworks, except without the colorful lights. All kinds of noises begin to rattle the door hinges. Short ones, long ones, quiet ones, booming ones, yep he’s passing gas again. I think to myself “Good Lord, he must have been holding that all week”. Then proceeds the other noises that I dare not mention on here, but we all know what I’m talking about. Finally he’s done, he gets up, cleans up, then goes out to the sink. Now here is a pet peve of mine. Guys, if you go the bathroom, the least you can do is give your hands a good washing. This guy gets up, goes to the sink and gives himself a quick spritz of water, then dries off his hands and heads back out to work. Now, I’m no clean freak, but thats just gross. I hope I never have to use his keyboard! I think the statistics on this is like 50/50 or close to it. Around 50% of men don’t wash their hands properly after using the bathroom. I am not among that 50% just so the world can know. Now I admit this story isn’t quite as humorous as my first post, but it certainly seems funny to me.

More later…


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