SMTP redirection on home network

Ok, I know this is nothing to the average guy, but to me, a tekkie, this is cool. I’ve finally setup my home network the way I want it (See previous post about home network). So now I just got SMTP redirection setup so I can use my home mail server to receive incoming SMTP mail. I’ve got a few public domains, which I now have 3 MX records for, one for my hosting server, and two for which I use for SMTP port redirection. Since my ISP (Road Runner) blocks incoming port 25, I have redirect port 25 to my home server on a different port. Allowing me to have redundant MX records in case of an emergency. The main hosting server will do the bulk of the mail operations, the others are just for backup. I’m still looking for a decent secondary DNS service to use. I’m using 602 Lansuite as my mail server, since they have a free 5 user version that is very robust and easy to use. It gives me webmail, web based admin, external pop3 mail downloading and assignment to any internal mailbox, plus all kinds of other features. My next trick is going to be working on getting VPN to work. I want to be able to VPN into my home network. However, my cable modem is somewhat inadequate and has not yet let me accomplish this goal.


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